is a sculptural, interactive and musical
installation for babies and toddlers between
four months and two years old.

I peck, I feel, I rub, I fly… softly back and forth. Again and again. Babies, toddlers and their parents can listen, feel, play, hang, crawl and roll in this very large sound installation.

A woodpecker has a musical dialogue, while a nightingale sings his evening song and interacts with the babies. Sparkling, warm, friendly and repetitive sounds, music and movements stimulate and surrounds the audience in this installation and performance by Klankennest. Woodpecker is a performance using bright and delicate sounds from unconventional instruments. In contrast, the installation offers a safe and protects space, with softly colored lights, shadows plays, and gently swinging hammocks for the youngest ones. Played by three musicians, Woodpecker offers a warm, earthly journey through a colorful landscape in music, dance and movement. This installation with a special three-dimensional structure is created by visual artist Jeroen Van der Fraenen. The installation consists of musical forms and elements which can always be divided into three parts. Because of this divisibility the installation maintains balance and serenity throughout the whole performance.


Children from ages 4 months to 2 years.

from & with

Woodpecker is a performance installation by Liesbeth Bodyn (concept/vocals), Jeroen Van der Fraenen (creation/sound system), Hans Beckers (sound system/vocal), Indré Jurgeleviciute (Klankles/voice), Annemie Osborne (cello/voice), Rebecca Van Bogaert (voice, percussion en flute) en Tine Allegaert (trompet/voice).

Woodpecker is a coproduction with WIELS (Contemporary Art Centre).