Klankennest develops artistic projects aimed at children from 0-4 years, with a particular focus on music. Working with a whole team of musicians, visual artists and dancers, Klankennest creates shows, installations, concerts and museum tours that use sound, images, movement and performance to encourage their young audiences to explore and play with the wonder of art in complete freedom.

Klankennest focuses specifically on the sound experience of young children. This is a complex process that involves more than simply listening: children use all their senses to experience music, listening with their whole body, and in interaction with another thing or person. The Klankennest experience is therefore based on the idea that young children learn and listen best in spaces where they can feel, play and move freely.

In all of its original shows, Klankennest therefore works to carefully create an artistic context which supports and stimulates an active and ‘embodied’ way of listening. Klankennest consciously takes a transdisciplinary approach – sound, image and movement come together in a warm and safe environment that tickles the senses, and naturally encourages young audience members to react; explore, and try things out. The creations do not contain any spoken language and the Klankennest aesthetic is poetic but abstract so as not to limit the reactions or imagination of its young public.

Moreover, Klankennest develops work not only for young children, but also together with them. In fact, this dialogue between children and artists is at the heart of the Klankennest vision. Interaction is not only important for the creative process of the young children during a performance, it is an essential part of actually creating works. In this way, Klankennest sees its young audience not as simply passive listeners but as active players whose contribution is just as valuable as that of the artists. The children and artists inspire each other. This belief that communal music-making, playing, creating and experimentation fosters connection and has a positive impact on the well-being of young children means it is also important for Klankennest that parents and children take part in the performance together.

As a classical singer and music pedagogue, and thanks to her many years’ experience working with young children, Liesbeth Bodyn, artistic director of Klankennest, has conducted a lot of research into the embodied listening experience of young children. Klankennest is the product of this wish to marry an (arts-) educational perspective with an artistic approach, and develop this into high quality productions for young audiences.

Klankennest is based on the vision that every child is naturally sensitive to music. Moreover, we are convinced that stimulating this feeling through the experience of music – and arts in general – even in the prenatal phase, can have a positive benefit on a child’s development. And so Klankennest also seeks to offer young children (and their parents) a high quality experience of music and art.

Over the years Klankennest has developed a unique artistic vision, bringing research and experimentation together to offer a really valuable musical and sensory dialogue with young children.