een installatie voor de allerjongsten
om te voelen, rusten, kijken en spelen
in een kinetische omgeving vol
klank, ritme en textiel.

The Mammoth installation invites baby’s and toddlers to feel, rest, look and play in a kinetic construction filled with sound, rhythm and textile.

The installation and the performance are aimed at the specific sound and movement experience of a very young audience, and invite them to tactically explore the objects around them.

The different height levels of the installation are designed specifically with toddlers in mind, the sound and movement inspired by the creators visualisation of the woolly mammoth, the rhythmic and powerful sound and songs appeal to the more basic of rituals. The moving arms of the installation and its slow and big movements mirrors the way we imagined a mammoth to move. For our small spectators, this means gentle and clear motions combined with the broad twirls of the dancer. Young children listen with their bodies, they experience sound with all their senses.

Mammoth facilitates this multi-faceted experience: the installation is a giant soundbox with different sound qualities, enabling our small visitors to listen with more than just their ears.

Mammoth exists in many different forms in interaction with the audience.


Children from ages 5 to 30 months.

from & with
Liesbeth Bodyn (concept & voice), Jeroen Van Der Fraenen (concept & scenography), Evelien Verhegge (textile design), Myrte Vandeweerd (dance) and Tine Allegaert (trompet, percussions + voice).