The collective


Liesbeth Bodyn (vocals, artistic and production direction), Jeroen Van der Fraenen (visual arts, scenography, technical coordination), Annemie Osborne (cello, vocals), Hans Beckers (sound art), Tine Allegaert (trumpet, vocals, piano), Indré Jurgeleviciute (kankles, vocals), Rebecca Van Bogaert (flutes, vocals), Jozefien Derweduwen (flute, vocals), Corentin Dellicour (cello), Seraphine Stragier (cello), Siri Clinckspoor (dance), Tchi-Ann Liu (dance), Aya Suzuki (percussion), Rielke Brys (percussion) & Kaja Farszky (percussion).

Liesbeth Bodyn


The artistic direction of the Klankennest collective is in the hands of founder Liesbeth Bodyn. Her background as a singer, teacher and music pedagogue helps her develop a high-quality offering for the very young audiences.

Liesbeth brought together a group of artists who, from a shared sense of research and dialogue, explore the boundaries of different art disciplines with the aim of developing innovative artistic material for the youngest ones.

The way a young child explores and learns about the world inspires and broadens their view as artists. For them, the very young children are not passive audience, but an active participants in a creation.