MOONBIRD is a new, intimate performance that arose from a fascination for the appearance of the moon in all its different guises.

On stage, two musicians, a dancer and the children are surrounded by a circle of audience.

Some wooden objects that appeal to the imagination move with the players. A moonbird enters through the language of music and the body...

MOONBIRD is a musical, dancing light show performed by cellist Seraphine Stragier, baroque oboist Nele Vertommen or trumpeter Tine Allegaert and singer Liesbeth bodyn in an intimate setting.


The premiere is expected in September 2023.

This performance can be booked for season '23-'24.

Illustration exclusively for Sound Nest: @heikesofia


Soundnest is a company for young children and their parents that enables a dialogue and experimentation in music, movement and visual arts through sensory experiences.

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